Wednesday, May 16, 2012

sleeping in

today has been a beautiful day.

granted, i slept restless-ly
but i woke up late
and aaron woke up late
and by "woke up late," i actually mean, "woke up late for NOTHING."

today is my first day with one job.
today is my first day in a job that i LOVE, alone
today is the first day i can do what i like
and feel very good about it.

so i slept in
and rested
i got up
and had some cinnamon bread.

i put on some cute clothes
cute heels (that i found at goodwill)
and met a friend for korean food and coffee.

it was lovely.

i cursed the parking ticket i got
made it home
crawled into bed and read a little bit.

i made a list of things to do tomorrow,
not today.

today is lovely and beautiful and perfect
and i don't head into work till three.

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