Friday, May 11, 2012

i don't know why, but i think he loves me.

i have an affinity for that cat blanket above.

my aunt made it
my "sassy cat" blanket
because one of those cats is wearing sassy sunglasses.

hello! only sassy cats wear sunglasses! obviously!

so i love this blanket
i don't why
but probably
because my Favorite Aunt Lori made it for me
and i just love having a blanket that is mine that is perfect and I can cuddle in it.

so last night
in my sleepy stupor
as it's 12:30 am and i've worked 15 hours for the third day in a row (woo! second wind!)
i'm drifting off to sleep
and my mind wants a cuddle
and i remember mumbling, "i wish i had my sassy cat blanket..."
and honestly, it wouldn't have been too hard, it was like, twenty feet away in the next room
but i was tired and "out of it" and nothing was gonna get me out of bed once my legs turned off.

so i pass out.

and this morning i wake up!
(thank God)

and i realize very quickly that i'm cuddled
and wrapped
in my sassy cat blanket
and my feet got perched up on the couch pillows i've been using to rejuvenate them after a long day of working
and also did i mention that aaron went to whole foods and got me jeni's splendid ice cream in buckeye flavor which is SUPREMELY better than that graeter's crap Ohio tries to pass off as delicious?

i think he loves me
but i don't know why.

well, i love you too, aaron!

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