Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ask a Lady: Panty Problems

Lady X,

COLLEGE graduation is coming up!! It's such an exciting time filled with many emotions! It feels like my high school graduation was just yesterday! Making plans with friends, planning parties, and finding the perfect graduation DRESS!!!

For high school it was a sweet pretty white little number. This time, for college, I wanted to recreate the high school white dress look, but more mature, so I ended up finding a dress at somewhere I wouldn't have anticipated- Vicky's!! (see attached pic) (don't worry- it doesn't look as risqué on me as it does the ooh-la-la Vicky's model!) 

anyways, my dilemma! I'm excited to wear it for graduation, BUT- all my family and boyfriend's family will be there to see me as well, and well, I have.... a MOLE on my gluteus maximus area that can sometimes be seen through the dress if standing at the right angle. I don't want my booty to be the star of my graduation! Please tell me it's still okay to wear the dress! Suggestions? Advice? HELP?! (Keep the giggles and jokes to a minimum please!!! ;) ) 

Holy mole-y!


Oh, Moley one.

How old are you and yet you still don't know how to wear underwear properly? Nude underwear goes with everything. I learned this back in high school watching Tyra of America's Next Top Model.
 It's perfect. Use it.

You don't like panty-lines?

You want a continuous, firm line? Go to Macy's or Dillard's and look at their shape wear.
I'm a curvy lady, and I know a good girdle when I see one. 


It looks like you haven't really investigated your options for this. 

and the biggest part of this,
if you can see A MOLE on your behind
(which, honestly, at this point, let it show, nobody is looking, and if they are, they like it,)
you can also probably see your lady parts "when standing at the right angle."
If your dress is thin enough that you can see shaded areas of your private parts,
you need to wear underwear.

So, yes, wearing the dress if fine.
 Don't go commando.

Lady X

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