Sunday, May 27, 2012

PRESS: Wilmington, North Carolina

The wedding reception of Liana and Ben's wedding was held in a restaurant.

Actually, it was part-restaurant, part-bar, part-reception hall
which made it really good for a wedding.

I liked it.
It was super chic for a wedding reception,
and when I asked to look at a menu,
they happily obliged,
and i realized pretty quickly that "Press" constituted that all the items on their menu were made with presses.
Paninis, waffles, espresso--that type of thing.

We decided to come back the next day for brunch.

We did.
It was pretty good.
Service is what really makes the difference, and our service as so-so.
One of the members of our party asked the waitress to take a picture, and she said, "QUICKLY!" as if she could not be bothered to be interrupted in the flow of waitressing at that moment. I am a waitress, and I say to you, fellow waitresses, YOUR JOB IS TO TAKE THE TIME TO DO YOUR JOB WELL.

Do not let me, as your guest, feel like I am the problem. I am the reason you are making money.

Our food took forever to get out, the waitresses kept forgetting things we asked for, and we sat for awhile.

We didn't mind, we had a large group of friends to dine with, but still. The experience was so-so.

I had a chai latte.
It was amazing and delicious.

Somebody at our table ordered a belgian waffle and i just about died to see how boring and massive it looked.
Obviously, this press place has no idea what a belgian waffle actually is.

aaron and i both ordered french toast
which was a mistake
because it was HUGE and we had five pieces left over between the two of us, which he ate the next day.
The french toast was FANTASTIC, with vanilla cream and bananas and cinnamon on thick toast.

And then, again, someone ordered a sad plate of "chicken and waffle," in which a chicken breast was slapped with some swiss cheese and slapped between and ugly waffle and slapped on a plate and they called it "done." 

It's ugly.
And obviously, again, PRESS is not a belgian bistro that does fantastic belgian food.

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