Wednesday, May 2, 2012

spring rain

lots of spring rain lately,
by the way,
what a good thing,
seeing how it's May and it dipped down to 30 degrees last week.

i mean, heck,
it's to be expected, right?
we have a winter of 70 degree weather and a spring of 30....


the weather here is quickly jumping from pleasant to UNBEARABLE
as i don't have ac in my car
and am absolutely immediately miserable driving around in it about 3 to 6 pm any given day.

aaron and i are taking it to wilmington in about two weeks
and i'm DREADING the trip.
i LOVE road trips,
but ten hours on the road in a car with no ac
(i.e. windows down, 80 mph wind, LOUD road noise,)
is enough to make anyone ready to claw their eyes out.

the drive there will be okay
but i know the ride back will be absolute horror.

and i found this little snaily snail outside our house the other day.
the spring rain brings up lots of new critters
lots of new life.

here's to new life coming into mine. :)

*spoiler alert*
may have exciting news for you soon!

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