Friday, May 11, 2012

big girl manager pants

turns out i got to put my big girl manager pants on last night at the bistro
because the other manager who wears the big boy manager pants
had work to do in the back office.

whatever the reason
i'm super happy about it.

the basics of Big Boy Pants being in the back office is that
when servers have questions and need help,
i'm their only option.
obviously this gives me the opportunity to help them solve their problems
and obviously this builds trust among all of us as a team.
it went likeso without a hitch.

it continued, without a hitch,
even in the midst of a minor guest freak-out
one guest
upset with their wait
took it upon themself to degrade, humiliate, and curse at one of our servers.

N, who was embarrassed, was suddenly caught up in the midst of too many tables, too much paperwork, too many emotions, and was working hard to hold it together.

i caught up to her in the midst of such upset
and quickly realized we had a big concern.

the bottom line was that there were guests that had places to be and needed to be taken care of.
the other bottom line was that N needed to be allowed to get her emotions out.

She and I talked
and we found it easier for me to get her guests out the door
and she would blow off some steam.

When the checks ended up being mildly complicated
(voided coffees, beer, split checks, new totals,)
Big Boy Pants appeared at the exact right time
and for the sake of "correct"
i had him breeze through all the transactions
so our guests' evening continued on
without a hitch.

it worked.

(except the Degrader)
left optimistic and compassionate
and we thanked them and encouraged them to please visit us again.

The Kitchen stayed on course the whole night
food being expo-ed and sent out appropriately

Front of House blew through their work very well
and everyone pitched in to complete the evening chores.

I fell asleep happy as pie
and woke up dancing a jig about my new job. :D

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