Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Weekend Highlights

One of those phenomenal, occasional events occurred this weekend:
Aaron's parents came to town.

For a young lady celebrating a new job,
and gearing up for
the next week and a half of 9 am to midnight work schedule
having a weekend of ease, bliss, and conversation was so much more than i could ask for.

we took the scenic routes on most of our journeyings.
aaron loves to drive
i love to ride
and we all love to experience cincinnati.

friday night the parents pulled into town
bringing with them all sorts of things from aaron's childhood and closets back home
("hey! we have a new hobby!" i exclaimed, holding up two lacrosse sticks)

we chatted a bit
and made our way to Adriatico's on McMillan.

Adriatico's is the best pizza in Cincinnati.
edging out what i thought should be Dewey's,
based solely on their ability to do basic pizza WELL.
have you ever had a basic piece of pizza that you absolutely could not get enough of? This is Adriatico's.

They perched for years in a carry-out only joint next to Medical City
and recently expanded into a knock-out classy sports bar.
With big windows floor to ceiling in the front dining room (that open on good weather days,) giant tables for giant groups, and huge trays of pizza, it's a fantastic experience for the pizza-inclined.
The four of us split a large Hawaiian, and had pieces to spare.
Aaron's still eating it for lunch.

Friday night  may have been the best night of my life for the past two months.
I did NOT A THING but lounge in my pajamas with my laptop, eventually watching Rango, and falling asleep till 10 the next morning. Hello! Fantastic!


We made it up to Fuel Coffee Saturday morning
chatting with friends

and then headed over to the Krohn Conservatory for Cincy's annual Butterfly Show. It was the first time I'd ever been, and perhaps the happiest thing I've ever experienced in my life. HELLO FANTASTIC!!

Lunch downtown at Tom + Chee
where I pulled out all the Weight Watcher stops and ordered a macaroni and cheese sandwich on sourdough. The weather was overcast and muggy that morning--a good ol, thick sandwich of cheese certainly hit the spot.

We traveled down to Hyde Park for Penzey's Spices
picked up some groceries
and back to Clifton to rest awhile.

A few hours later we headed downtown to see ETC's "Life Could be a Dream," by far, my absolute favorite show I've seen in Cincinnati this year.

Dinner after the show at Taste of Belgium.......where else? :D
I loved dining, and not waiting, for a change.

Sunday was a happy, lovely day.
Brunch at the Comet
Shopping with Trish for nearly four hours
Grilling out at home
and lots of chats about barf and "last meals."

Monday brought about the start of the work week
and now, HERE I AM,

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