Wednesday, May 30, 2012


i love bright colors.
that we can believe.

but there comes a point
where a lady thinks to herself
let's see what else i can do with other colors
perhaps browns and maroons and deep purples
or muted pastels, blushes, lavendars."

and a lady will go forth with it.

i've been going forth with it
investing in some colors
turquoise, forest green
interesting bits and pieces that are composing a very interesting wardrobe

but i bought
three weeks ago
whilst on the panic-y search for a dress to wear to a wedding
a BRIGHT green, mod-ish dress
something that was super inexpensive online
and something that i knew would fit well, given the style.

well, it did
and it does
and the fact that i bought it so inexpensively weeks ago
keeps me from running out and buying every perfect "on sale" dress at another website
for the next wedding o' the summer coming up

but now
i have this VERY GREEN dress
sitting in my closet
and it needs some womanly updates
so as to not look as childish.

i'm thinking a statement necklace could take the cake

but obvs not this last one
even though it's my favorite
because it's over 300 dollars.

hello! that's almost a loan payment.

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