Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ask a Lady: The Silver Dilemma

SilverFox:  im looking for prom shoes
 since its about a month away, i need to get a gettin 
  what shoes would look good with a silver dress?
  something gold and sparkely?

 me: gosh, everything would look good with a silver dress.
  definitely metallics.
  anything metallic.
  you need to match shine with shine
  after that, the sky's the limit in terms of color.

 SilverFox: shine with shine, got it lol
what do you like, color wise?

 me: blue

 SilverFox: okay :)

 me: but i have a penchant for blue shoes, always.

 SilverFox: ahhahahahaha

me: serious.
all i ever want to do is buy a million blue shoes.
  i can't get enough of them.
  i think blue shoes are the most perfect shoes in the entire world!

 SilverFox: hahahahahaha you crazy!

 me: i know!
i can't help what i love!


update: she bought these

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