Wednesday, May 9, 2012

so it turns out

so it turns out i love my new job.

i've officially begun as the Evening Manager at Taste of Belgium
and I could not be happier.

Everything is falling into place,
in terms of my life.

I'm finally working forward in a comfortable position
in a HAPPY position
working forward for my dreams, my goals, my desires.

five years of STRUGGLE
have changed direction
kicked off into a new beat
and i'm happy relishing and fulfilling this first role for
Taste of Belgium.

Taste of Belgium is phenomenal, staff-wise, anyway.
I began as a server two months ago
i recognized right away
that it was worth my time.

the serving staff has given
excellent team work
shift after shift after shift
and TOB has become my favorite place to be week-wise.

"Congratulations," by the way, said Trey, a line chef in back. He had a big smile for me, a warm, genuine eye, and I was so pleased hearing it from him.

I love that others are so happy for me.
I love that I'm helpful for others.

I walk more slowly now
in heels
the grown-up shoe of ladypantses
doing what i can
and waiting to change into flats.

But i love it.
a job worth my time
my energy
my love.

i'm pulling roughly fifteen hour work days till May 16th
working the IRB
and TOB
in the same time frame

but i'm so happy
i might end up being so delirious
i doubt it's going to be very affecting.

prepare for interesting blog posts, though?

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