Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Hilarious Night where Nothing Happened

So, last night
I spent about an hour and fifteen minutes in an awesome bar with some terrible music.

After a week of 9 am to midnight work
for the past two days
(surprisingly to me,)
the only thing my brain kept telling me
please give me some booze.

not only that, but i didn't really want to pay for it.
there's something about letting someone else give you a drink when you REALLY apparently need one
that is both satisfying and enlivening.

so it's 12:45 am
and i just finished 7.75 hours at work
after working all day at the IRB
and my friend ginger
(who is pictured, ironically, in the midst of gingers in the above photo)

and i was all ABSOLUTELY.

so i text aaron
"get ready, i'm coming home and we're going out."

and then i get home and he's actually passed out already on the bed
a super, sleepy boy

and the lights are already on
so i check on him
and then find something to wear
because, apparently, it's "Fancy Dress Night" at FB's
which leads me to believe
the popular clientele of FB's finds it an anomaly
and may need a nudge in the right direction in terms of maturity.
(i was definitely correct.)

so i toss on this little number 
that you may or may not have seen before
and aaron is still groggy
but he likes a party as well as the next person
and soon the two of us are making our way downtown.

we arrive at FB's and there's a big, fat, creepy man at the front door who tells us it's five bucks each to get in.
we don't pay.
"we're here for the grad party!" i say
and he directs us to a GIGANTIC YELLOW COUCH
backed against some white and black wallpaper
with lamps hanging upside down from the ceiling.
it's pretty cool.
the couch itself almost touches the ceiling
and the girls sitting on it look like tiny alices trying to get through the correct door.

aaron and i get drinks
vodka and cranberry
vodka and tonic
(for free!)
and then i'm pleasantly surprised to see our best friend (if a couple can have a best friend)
matt linton
who looks as out of place as we feel. :D

don't get me wrong
we are some party-hardy people
but when you suddenly find yourself in a room full of men and women
who believe the appropriate plan of action to full-on romancin'
is walking around and blatantly asking ladies if they can *insert your most inappropriate language here*
and the women are, in fact, behaving in a manner that might just solicit such advice
and the music is LOUD and kind of fun
but also kind of annoying
for the thirty seconds where they played Michael Jackson's "Thriller,"
and you scream in delight because 80s music JUST SO HAPPENS to be your groove,
when all of that is "such is the case,"
it is so lovely to see a laid-back pal like Matt Linton in such a joint. :D

I did the typical bopping around.
Chatting and saying hello to all the friends I knew there 
looking around
loving the decor
and then remembering why Aaron and i get along so well
as we sat down and observed all the crazies around us.
matt did a fantastic job of cracking me up by mimicking a young behemoth of a woman we called "the candy cane," as she did a fantastic job of outfitting herself in a striped mini-dress of red and white. she was dancing The Charleston, and apparently, Matt knows it too. :)

We stayed for a little while.
Just long enough for me to get two drinks
get tipsy enough to be especially chatty
and then decide, quite in my right mind,
that it was time to go.

Home again we went.
Sleeping well was had.
and in the morn,
Matt and Ginger made brunch for all
where I stuffed my face on cinnamon rolls and hash browns
completely annihilating all my WW points for the day. :D

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