Friday, May 18, 2012

the most successful moment of my life

i wear heels.
good ones.
in a restaurant.
i wear them front of house to back
in the kitchen
in the dining room
out on the patio.

i spill things.
i carry things.
i work with guests.
i do it in heels.

anything the boys can do, i can do it, better shoes.

so two days ago
i'm stepping out the kitchen
in a new pair of heels
carrying a mug of coffee
a notebook
two books
a pen
my phone
and probably other things

and i slip.

i catch my balance.
i'm also wearing a dress, a pretty one.
up goes the coffee, 
a long, arching line through the air
down it comes
a sure splatter and mess for the rest of the night

i move.
in mere seconds
like a true lady
i avoid a major coffee spill demise.

the coffee splatters all over the side floor.

i pump my fist in the air and immediately look to see if anyone saw me.

one did.
and he laughs.

i woot.

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