Tuesday, May 1, 2012

things that make me drunk

so there's a couple things i need to improve.

1. i need to learn how to bar hop.

i know SO MANY GIRLS AND PEOPLE that are all "ohmygod! we're just getting started! we're going from here to here to here to here." and honestly, that's never been my scene.

i love settling.
i love settling into happiness, peace, and bliss.

so yesterday
when abby
and i 
all met up at my new favorite bar, bakersfield,
and sat there for 2.5 hours eating salad, tacos, salsa, chips, and queso
i suddenly had the bright idea that we should migrate!

and we did!

we went to 1215
which is equally gorgeous, 
and as lara described it
(which, honestly, does that not make you CHOKE AND LAUGH OUT LOUD?!)

2. i need to improve my bank of good friends
so we did that last night
by being open and chatty and drinking a little bit of alcohol.

also, for the record,
1215 is FANTASTIC.
it's a classy wine-coffee bar with meat and cheese pairing and oh so succulent desserts.
i just had a glass of red, but that place is happening again.

things that make me drunk: 
1. sangria
2. cabernet-sauvignon
3. friendship

here's to a week of happiness!

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