Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ask a Lady: Where should I shop online?

Dear Ask a Lady,

What are your favorite clothing stores to shop in person? What online shopping websites are your go-to's for daily browsing and unique clothing and accessory purchases?

I already peruse Piperlime, ModCloth, Lulu's, and ShopRuche on the regular. What other great stores and online stores can you introduce me to, on the off chance that I actually have the money to update my wardrobe?

Naked but Hopeful

Hello, Nudie One,
Meh, here’s the thing about online stores. You have the good ones at your fingertips already….kind of. You need to really just stay on the up and up with what each of these stores has at any given time. Because, one day, you’re gonna say, “HMMMM I need a new black dress,” and if you’ve been on the ball about new products in each of these places, you’re gonna find what you’re looking for (hopefully. My own dress debacle finally ended after an attempted five dresses failed.)

You know what?
 I hate BHLDN, but love Anthropologie (mostly the sale racks.)  
J. Crew and Madewell are pretty expensive but set the standard for women's fashion, right now.
And Gap, for classic, well-fitting pieces (I waitress. When I found out I needed a white shirt, I shelled out the cash to have one fit just right.)
Heck, I'm not even above an Old Navy run if they have what I'm looking for!
It's all just about knowing what you can get where.

Online: Oasis, Shopbop, The Office (shoes,) Mohawk General Store, Alice and Olivia (even though I DON'T believe in the prices they charge for their clothes,) etc.
If you’re reading this, and I know you are, then you’re probably reading other blogs, too. You’re right on the money to ask your bloggers where they shop, because I’m shopping my favorite reads. So keep shopping, keep gathering info, and the internet is your oyster, should you actually have the money to update your wardrobe. :D

love love.
happy shopping!

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