Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Helping Hands

Wedding weekends are weekends of bonding.

Aaron and I made it into Wilmington Friday around 4pm.
We'd left that morning at 8 am, 
was on the road the day before, too,

and sheesh were we happy to roll into town and relax.

So we did.
We checked in to the cutest little B&B
and to our delight,
discovered that we were approximately ONE BLOCK
away from all that weekends wedding evening events.

We wandered around the little town
met up with Aaron's high school buddy, Anderson,
and wallowed our way along the river walk 
looking for a place to nom.

We finally decided on some place overlooking the water.
We chose it because we wanted a balcony seat
upon entering,
we were told we could not have a balcony seat
but that we could sit upstairs, if we wanted to.
we said okay.
then, we could not have the doors open in the room we were in
and also, they didn't know what st. germaine was.
aaron's food was amazing
anderson's food was amazing
and my food was okay.
i was disappointed in this little place
but, oh well, because now i can't even remember it's name
and it's not that big of a deal.
(i wouldn't recommend it to you anyway.)

we did more wandering
some deserting
and i bought some jewelry
and then aaron and i headed to the B&B for a rest
and Anderson promised to send a text our way when everyone ended up getting together that night.

you see
it was Rehearsal Dinner night.
and the three of us, not being in the wedding party,
were pretty much killing time till we could all hang out.

and then HANG OUT WE DID!
luckily, everyone was already drunksy
as is so likely to happen on wedding weekends
so when aaron said, "this is my girlfriend, allyson,"
and the bride grabbed me and hugged me and said "DO YOU WANT TO HELP MAKE FLOWERS?!"
i was all about it.

they gave me a beer.
and a lot of champagne.

we crowded into a room
and the girls went to town

floral arrangements
photos in frames
signs in frames
and lots of stories.

i think i bared my panties at one part of the evening
and aaron almost had a legitimate opportunity to flash a couchful of ladies.

i was THRILLED to be involved.
i don't know these people!
i don't know anything about them!
and yet!
here i was, drinking beer and arranging roses.
we chatted about all kinds of things
their past weddings
the current ones
how everyone knew the bride and groom
and later,
when aaron stepped into the hotel room to find me and scoot our booties off to home
it was a happy, cheerful lady indeed he found, awaiting.

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